Private session of SAO

This will be a long haul, There are 100 floors yall will start at floor 1. Each floor has a dungeon with a boss. I will DM everything.
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 Things to know

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PostSubject: Things to know   Tue Mar 15, 2016 12:40 pm

So although this is SAO, this world has magic. This is obviously Alternate universe. So the fact remains that you are trapped in a world and death=perma death there is just magic. Now there are weapon qualities and from worst to best quality of metals is as follows:


Each of the metals determine stats for a weapon. Though the stats may not all be better ex. Copper could do better damage than an Iron weapon but have less durability. Weapons will have qualities which are as follows

Level required:
Stats required:
Special effects:

Every level up you get 250 points to spend on your stats. (subject to change)
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Things to know
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